LycoDream: The World's First Hybrid Wax
06 Feb 2013

LycoDream is the world's first hybrid wax - a mixture between synthetic and natural resin, it's a therapist's dream: doesn't tear and is extremely easy to work with, without compromising on strength. Use as you would a LycoJet.

What makes LycoDream so special? Essentially, it's the answer to all wax therapists' prayers - a unique mixture of natural and man-made resin. The combination serves to make it a dream to work with for therapists (hence “LycoDream”): waxes that are strong enough to pull out even stubborn hair are often tricky to handle, and conversely, waxes that are easily pliable are sometimes not strong enough. LycoDream allows therapists to take a breath and go forth without having to compromise between efficacy and ease of use.


Created by Ubiquitas Design

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