Dreamy Brows with LYCOdream
14 Jan 2014

“With LYCOdream your brows become reality”

Thanks to LYCOdream, you can finally have your brows nicely shaped and well groomed without any pain. Your eyebrows are what they are and can only be changed within their own parameters. Areas such as the eyebrows and lips have a variety of different hair growth types and LYCOdream is ideal to use on the short, fluffy facial hair.

Technically super gentle LYCOdream is a precise balance between LYCON’s legendary traditional hot wax and LYCOtec film wax with soothing Titanium Dioxide.
Applied like our classic hot wax, LYCOdream offers the same shrink-wrapping performance by removing hair as short as 1mm.

LYCOdream Hybrid Wax is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Micro Mica for superior skin protection and Argan Oil, Arnica and Aloe Vera leaves skin feeling soft, nurtured and comfortable.
Undeniably, LYCOdream is the best of both worlds for the discerning beauty therapist. Clients will trust you with their brows.


Created by Ubiquitas Design

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